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MONDAY – THURSDAY: 8am – 8pm,

FRIDAY: 8am – 6pm,

SATURDAY: 9am – 5pm,

SUNDAY: 10am – 4pm

Check out our new app to book a laundry pickup & delivery!

That’s right, we got all fancy and added a new booking system which you can use to arrange a laundry pickup & delivery – just use the form on this page or you can download the app from Apple or Android App Stores to book on the go.

Just search “Clean Cloud” in your App Store and download for free (or use relevant link below!). Once you open the app, find “Park Road Laundrette” and follow the simple instructions from there.




If you have a little bit of time on your hands and are happy to relax in the comfortable surroundings of our shop then you can take advantage of free wifi, a range of magazines & the radio humming away while you wait! It’s a great place to catch up on emails, check through your social media or simply read a book or magazine whilst you idle away some time.

Service Wash (wash only) is priced at £6.00 for a standard load & Service Tumble Drying at £8 per 30 minutes (includes folding).

If time is at a premium and you don’t want to hang about, then ask our experienced staff to take care of your washing for you. They will be happy to load it into machines, transfer it for drying and then fold-up & bag it ready for collection later in the day. Don’t be ashamed to throw your underwear in there either, we don’t get embarrassed about handling your delicates & neither should you! Our quick turnaround means that we can usually turn your laundry around in a few hours.

Service Washes are priced at £13.50 and includes Wash, Dry & Folding.

14 Park Road  |  Glasgow  |  G4 9JG

Monday 8am - 8pm

Tuesday8am - 8pm

Wednesday8am - 8pm

Thursday8am – 8pm

Friday8am – 6pm

Saturday9am – 4pm

Sunday 10am – 4pm

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“A local Glasgow laundry service with young, pleasant staff, gig posters on the wall, BBC 6 playing and a range of magazines aimed at young people.”

Paul C

“The Park road Laundrette is a nice addition to the West End scene. They have washing machines that are kind to the environment and will wash your clothes and even iron them for you too.”

Adam B

“At 2.30pm the same afternoon I got a call from them about my laundry service, letting me know they were ready for picking up – I was very impressed and thankful.”

Catriona M